Management Team


The third-generation member of an established family of Oilmen, Mr. Wicklund has been active in the domestic oil and gas industry since 1973. He has experience in the management of independent oil and gas companies (both public and private) in all phases of exploration (from lease acquisition through prospect development) and production (field operations involved in drilling, completion and operational activities), as well as financial and has drilled over 200 wells in the geological basins of the midwest and southwestern continental United States.

Beginning in 1973, Mr. Wicklund was employed by Petrolia Corporation (“Petrolia”) with offices in Enid, Oklahoma and Birmingham, Michigan where he assisted in the planning, exploration and production activities in Oklahoma’s Sooner Trend / Mississippi – Hunton Play. In 1975, Mr. Wicklund was appointed Vice President in charge of new prospect acquisition and played a central role in Petrolia’s exploration activities in the Austin Chalk and Buda Play in Goliad County, Texas. In 1979, Petrolia discovered a Serpentine Plug in Goliad County, resulting in over a dozen wells, each producing 100 – 200 BBLS per day.

In 1980, Mr. Wicklund left Petrolia and formed Wicklund Petroleum Corporation in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma (the original “WPC”). As President and Director of WPC he took the company public in 1981. In addition to his duties as President, he served as Exploration Manager, Operations Manager, Gas Contract Negotiations Manager and formulated/administered exploration budgets, as well as handling the marketing of oil and gas prospects and SEC filings. In 1983, 1984 and 1985, Mr. Wicklund created and managed successful private placement oil and gas drilling programs to accredited investors. During this period, WPC drilled successful gas discovery wells in Woods County and Blaine County, Oklahoma and managed the successful development of an 8,000 acre Mississippi – Redfork – Skinner play in Canadian County, Oklahoma. Following the sale of the company in 1987, Mr. Wicklund (who retained the right to the “Wicklund Petroleum Corporation” name after the sale) formed Wicklund Oil and Gas Corporation to continue his exploration activities, although at a reduced pace due to the substantial industry downturn at that time.

Mr. Wicklund’s affiliations include The Michigan Oil & Gas Association, American Association of Petroleum Landmen and Oklahoma Independent Petroleum Association. Mr. Wicklund received his Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from the University of Denver School of Business in Denver, Colorado.


Mr. Rottmann has over 40 years of experience in the Petroleum Industry of Oklahoma. He started his career as a mud logger for Core Laboratories in 1973, primarily in the Anadarko Basin. In 1976 through 1982, he became a staff geologist for Universal Resources, Terra Resources and George Rodman, Inc. From 1982 to present, Mr. Rottmann has conducted prospect-oriented regional studies for such formations as the Simpson, Hunton Group, Mississippian and Cherokee Group of Oklahoma for various clients. From 1995-2000, Mr. Rottmann consulted for the Oklahoma Geological Survey where he was a contributing author for the Survey’s Fluvial Dominated Deltaic series. From 1998-2000, he was principle author for: Geological considerations of waterflooding: a workshop; SP98-3; Geological perspectives of reservoir engineering: a waterflood workshop; SP99-3; and Hunton play in Oklahoma (Including NE Texas panhandle); SP2000-2. He has also written or contributed to numerous publications and has given papers for the Oklahoma Geological Survey. In 2011 Mr. Rottmann was lead author for the Survey’s Mississippian Workshop. Since 2011, he has been consulting with Wicklund Petroleum Corporation and is serving as their Senior Oklahoma Project Geologist.


Mr. Tarkington is a Registered Professional Petroleum Engineer in Oklahoma and has over 30 years field experience in well drilling, completions, workovers and production operations in Oklahoma, Texas, Kansas, Louisiana, Montana, the Dakota’s, Wyoming, Mississippi and Arkansas. He has personally supervised the drilling of over 150 horizontal wells, in addition to more than a dozen completed horizontal wells for WPC, and has been successful at minimizing well costs on behalf of Wicklund Petroleum Corporation, as the Operator of the respective wells.